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Re: Linux Becomes Female?

* Roy Schestowitz wrote in comp.os.linux.misc:
> __/ On Saturday 27 August 2005 17:30, [Yves] wrote : \__


> When trying to encourage somebody to switch to Linux (which I have done
> successfully on several occasions) the names of distros and
> components/programs still pose difficulties. We may assume people know or
> heard of Firefox, or at least Mozilla. The matter of fact is that /most/
> people just hear "Outlook this, Outlook that" and press the "Blue E".

Outlook somehow connotes email or Usenet usage? No, but they
figured out what it did right? Sounds like a weather watching program to
me. Quark Express somehow insinuates Page layout? No but it is industry
standard. MAYA?!?! Come on Roy, what is really in a name?

> When advising somebody to install Ubuntu, for example, being rock-solid and
> user-friendly, what will the first step be? Send them to the Web site to
> order a CD, right? What will they see? Three half-naked people holding
> hands. What will they see in ms.com? A guy in a suit holding a tablet, for
> example? Which one will a naïve user be more likely to /trust/?

So now its the pictures on the website and not the name? If you pick an
OS based on pretty pictures and trust them accordingly, you've got bigger
problems than the name of an application or OS distribution.

They should trust it based on a friends recommendation and ignore the
trivialities you continue to point out which are of no consequences to
someone looking to get a job done. I don't care if its called a hammer or
a sofa as long as it bangs the nail in the wall. If I ask a builder
what tool to buy, should I care about the name of the tool if the
information came from a trusted source. Word of mouth is infinitely more
powerful than the name of the product.

> To penetrate the commercial world, can we not find some shareable photos,
> names and labels that instill better sense of trust in the visitors' minds?

Its not necessary.

> A lightweight page like Debian's does not do the trick either. It is still
> hard for me to persuade people to use Linux, even though it's free.

Then your friends don't trust your opinion, it has nothing to do with the
website, the pictures or the name of the product.

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                -- anagrama

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