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Re: Web Based Tools

__/ ["WD10" <.>] on Monday 29 August 2005 08:03 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:deu70i$2q65$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> To say a little more, the Web Developer Extension does not only
>> complement existing tools, but I think it replaces a few commercial
>> equivalents. I always enjoy seeing this trend, whereby every
>> functionality moves to the browser. With the Horde project I can now
>> /efficiently/ handle multiple E-mail accounts in the browser, edit files
>> in the browser (server-side), have FTP in a tab if necessary and even
>> debug designs in the browser. What's next? Newsgroups reader (proper one,
>> no GG)? Hmmm... what if some AJAX was involved? That might make a good
>> start-up.
> I just downloaded Horde but it's going to take a while to figure out.  It
> looks great though...

Here are some old screenshot that I have lying around:


Here is the nice initiative at getting an AJAX-enabled feed reader:


> I have some ideas about what the perfect browser should be (in addition to
> the web development tools--BTW, have you seen the codetch extension?
> http://www.codetch.com/.  This is going to be one of the best extensions).

It looks very promising. I will wait until I get a nod from someone who uses

> There is a great program called Net Snippets Professional
> (www.netsnippets.com).  It only runs on Windows, but if they could
> integrate
> those kinds of features into Firefox it would be great.  A browser
> shouldn't
> just be about viewing web pages.

Well, intially it was. Things evolve. What about on-line operating systems?
They retain the same name, but they turn into a new 'monster' over time.

> It should also allow saving and
> organizing the Web content -- automatically generating bibliographies and
> reports.

Web technologies are the main thing that currently keep me ahead of my
superordinates so I look forward to such developments, which the older
generation will fail to grasp or master.

> I've only used the trial version of Net Snippets becuase it costs $130. 
> If a browser is supposed to be the tool to interact with the Web, why not
> make
> it more functional?

Because not enough people require it at present. I see the way my parents
handle the browser. Some would rather pay, become ignorant as to what's
under the hood and become dependent on a product.

Am I bitter? No. They peril themselves. But sometimes my family and friends
peril themselves and that's when I get a taste of it too...

> There is a Firefox extension called Scrapbook, which
> is
> a good start, but it should go beyond that.  Saving web pages to random
> folders with CTRL-S is too primitive... :S

I personally use grabbers a lot. In fact, I get all my music without _any_
manual intervention. A grabber spiders using HTTP overnight and gets me the
latest stuff, which resides on Web servers, i.e. people's Web sites (no P2P
involved). This makes me merely one who downloads files, so I'm clean!


Roy S. Schestowitz        "No, I didn't buy that from eBay"

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