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Re: Netiquette in Google Groups

__/ [Hywel Jenkins] on Monday 29 August 2005 18:35 \__

> Morgan wrote:
>> Yeah, put your css files in one place.  Its neater for someone else to
>> come along and adjust your site if they have not seen it before.
>> Figure out a organization scheme and keep to it.  This way precaching
>> is easier, some people dick around with the url to their style rules or
>> images by continually making new folders to store different types of
>> image content or whatever and this prevents
>> effective caching by the browsers (if the directory path to a file is
>> different in anyway the browser assumes that its a new image or file).
>> So always keep to a scheme thats tidy and convenient for you eg:
>> seperation of all different file types.
> Same reply twice and you still haven't figured out how to quote
> properly.  Read this:
> http://www.allmyfaqs.com/faq.pl?How_to_post

It's from Google Groups, Hywel. It's hard to educate a user as to what
netiquette is about /in full/. Many Google Groups users do not intend to
engage in heavy UseNet activity (or else a news reader would be used and
many ISP's have newsservers). Hence, they would not have much interest in
that link you provided.

There are worse 'sins' than neglecting to quote. How about top-posting,
making it an HTML-formatted message contained AS AN ATTACHMENT (all CAPS)
with an 8-line sig? It almost becomes amusing.

Thanks muchly for the follow-up, Morgan.


Roy S. Schestowitz        $> sudo root; cd /; rm -rf *.doc

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