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Re: tim berners-lee new engine?

__/ [lou zion] on Wednesday 31 August 2005 17:11 \__

> i read a clip from somewhere that tim berners-lee was working with some
> company (a for-profit company!) on a new search engine.  i don't think it
> was referring to semantic web since that's from non-profit org (w3c,
> right?)
> anybody know what company he's working with or what the name of that new
> engine might be??
> thanks!
> lou

I haven't heard about this, but I'll go and check promptly. Only yesterday
morning I said:


A long time in the past I raised the idea of an open search engine that the
public will support, much like ICANN. It may not be ideal; it might even be
poor in terms of results that get returned. It would at least put an end to
bias[1] and I can assure you I would use it exclusively. For the very same
reason the W3C was put in place. Does anybody ever use a commercial
validators? 508? Well, that's arcane... and it appears to be .gov/.org

[1] ...and no... no companies will be able to fund it like Google and
Mozilla/DMOZ do... no money under the table for search bars, directories
and mutual recommendations.



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