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Re: Mike Mentzner & Ray Mentzner

__/ [Hans] on Thursday 24 November 2005 11:50 \__

> "Fish" <fish@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:LjSre.14254$zm.13370@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> They died a couple of days apart, and apparently they were both down on
>> their luck. Do you think they were both sick because of steroids?
>> And did Joe Weider and Arnold S. go out of their way to fuck them over
>> because of the 1980 Mr. Olympia controversy?? Mike Mentzner never stopped
>> complaining about it, and you have to wonder how much it got under
> Arnold's
>> skin that he was accused of cheating.
> How can you "cheat" in an event that's rigged to begin with?  I have no
> interest in or respect for anything with the Weider name attached to it.
> Apparently neither does the IOC.  And screw Gov. Ahh-nold, talking out both
> sides of his ass about exercise and the health of youth all the while
> making a buck off the 'roid fests.
> Ray & Mike's medical records likely won't be made public but no doubt
> massive steroid use very likely contributed to their problems.  Steroids
> are
> bad, bad stuff.  It's just kinda fundamentally stupid to fill your body
> full of things that drastically and unnaturally alter its basic chemistry
> unless it's for a medically necessary purpose. Unless of course it's worth
> it to you to have freakishly large/strong/fast muscles in exchange for
> risking poor health later in life.
> Unfortunately, when the time comes that your organs begin to fail and your
> joints seize up, you don't get to say - "Hey, I probably ought to rethink
> how stupid I was in my 20's-30's and not take those steroids after all".

This must be a reply to a long-forgotten thread, but I just wanted to say
that I strongly agree with you. Fortunately, there are still a few people in
this newsgroup who know the value of natural development.


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