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Re: Miva ecommerce links and search engines.

__/ [Antigravity] on Wednesday 07 December 2005 10:22 \__

> I am launching an online store using Miva very soon. I have noticed
> that the links are quite long
> for example.
> What can i do to ensure that the search engines pick these up?

I can't see why search engines should be reluctant to 'pick up' long URL's.
PHP-Nuke generates some very long URL's and it gets crawled all right. The
URL's are not SEO-friendly though.

The URL above in not obscenely long, but admittedly, some of your visitors
will be reluctant to pass links along. Yahoo are quite notorious for long
URL's and one issue that crops to mind is line wrapping or width limits in
UseNet, in Web pages, and in E-mail. That often breaks your links,
trigerring errors in your site (=time). Ensure your URL's serve as a nice
breadcrumb trail with meaningful words rather than numbers and codes. It
makes everybody happier. Examples:


  Short, good context, but iffy code.




  Short enough, but meaningless

Hope it helps,


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