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Locked Session Sporadically Reaches 100% CPU Usage

For the past ~3 months I have has a mysterious problem with SuSE 8.2.
Whenever I leave my work machine, I lock it using xlock. The machine
sometimes gets locked for a day, but usually just hours. In the mean time I
SSH to it from outside as all my settings, files and programs are on it.

Recently I have had an odd issue. xlock and X shoot up in terms of usage and
devour all the CPU resources, usually just minutes or an hour after locking.
This only happens sporadically (once in a couple days or so) and I can see
it only when I SSH. Almost nothing responds and ps or top reveal the reason.

I might as well add that the machine never reaches a deadlock when I sit in
front of it. I can often send the kill signal to xlock, which resolves the
issue, but removes all protection on the remote machine, which is in a
shared office. A few times I was unable to even kill xlock, so had to
reboot. xloxk simply refused to die.

On other occasions, when coming to the locked machine, it was frozen and not
even access/intevention from the outside could resolve the issue. The
machine was definitely alive because I could gain access to it. Any clue? I
have tried so many things to resolve this and I am not sure xlock is the
culprit. I once suspected that a bad screensaver was reached during the
random shuffle, but it is definitely no longer a possibility. Even a simple
case of xlock leads to the same behaviour.

Any ideas?


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