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Re: CSS Mouseover Question

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote
> SpaceGirl wrote:

> > IE only support :hover on links. You cannot use it on any other
> Indeed. I was surprised when you suggested that statement which appears a
> little too sophisticated for IE to support.

It was I that suggested hover, not the SpaceGirl.

I suggested that approach because of the nature of the question.

Such a question would seem to imply that the OP has noticed that certain
WISIGYDG "editors" use loads of javascript to achieve a hover effect on
generated anchor elements (called a "mouseover" only because that is the
event handler that is used)

Further, the OP has probably just discovered CSS and is wondering if it can
be used to achieve the same effect, without all the nasty javascript.

I seriously doubt that the OP wants to change the colours of hovered
paragraphs but rather wants to do something with the colour of a link, just
like most modern sites do.

As to IE support of the lack thereof, if the OP was aware that modern
browsers support the :hover pseudo class on elements other than anchor
elements, and that IE does not, then the OP would already know the answer to
the question.

Anyway, :hover *is* usually used only with links. To use it with other
elements (by changing the colour of a paragraph, say) one may just confuse
to the viewer, making said viewer think that the text *is* a link and should
be clicked on.


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