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Re: Selection question...

  • Subject: Re: Selection question...
  • From: "Fr@nk Stef@ni" <fs@despammed.com>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 10:50:15 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.graphics.apps.gimp
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Hi Jerome,

 I've got this picture:

and I want to select only the bird on the picture.
How should I do, to do it simply with Gimp.

selection tools aren't too simple, rather sophisticated. There are many steps to get it:

* Take the "fuzzy select" for the main part of the background.
* Keep the Left-Shift key pressed to add more to the selection
  by clicking around. Watch out for the small "+" sign at the
  cursor while doing this
* In case of erraneous selection press "undo". You may exclude
  partrs of the current selection by pressing Left-Ctrl. Watch
  out the small "-" sign while doing this.
* You may mix any number of selection tools together, so you
  can add big areas to the selection by using the "lasso"

At this point you might have most of everything except the bird
selected. Now invert the selection, so the bird should mostly be
within the selection. Now zoom much into it and follow the contours
carefully with including or excluding parts at the edges.

Faster Alternative:

* Use the "intelligent scissors" tool and klick along the edges
  of the bird. Take care to set the click points near enough
  so that the automatism shows a good approximation of the
  outline. The final dot (click) should be the same as the
* At this point you should see a lot of points and interpolated
  lines following the outline of the bird.
* Now *click* once within this dotted outline and immediately
  the dotted outline should turn into a selection (marching ants).
* Finetune the selection with other selection tools and Left-Shift
  or Left-Ctrl.

Hoping my words are clear enough ;-)

Good luck,

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