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Re: desktop syncro

  • Subject: Re: desktop syncro
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 14:00:30 +0100
  • Newsgroups: uk.comp.sys.laptops
  • References: <VGYqe.21569$cN2.2822@newsfe4-gui.ntli.net> <d8iv07$26hd$2@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk> <MPG.1d1761ee72b30749897f9@news.eclipse.co.uk>
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Livewire wrote:

> In article <d8iv07$26hd$2@godfrey.mcc.ac.uk>, newsgroups@schestowitz.com
> says...
>> enquirer wrote:
>> > I have bought my first laptop and would like to know how I can keep the
>> > info
>> > on both my laptop and desktop the same.  ie I receive emails on laptop
>> > during the day and they are stored in Inbox  on laptop and I receive
>> > emails
>> > to desktop in the evening and they are therefore stored in desktop
>> > Inbox.
>> Disable purging of messages on the server on one computer or both (to
>> avoid accumulation on the server and increased bandwidth/volume).
>> > I
>> > would like both desktop and laptop inbox to contain all emails etc..
>> > Also, I may start a Word document at home on desktop and finish at work
>> > on laptop,
>> > but may forget to replace the older version on my desktop.  I use a
>> > wireless network at home, so can I automatically sync when connected?
>> Put the files on an on-line Web filespace (or FTP). You can get services
>> of this type for free. You then ensure that up-to-date documents are
>> always on-line and hence available to you from anywhere.
>> > Many thanks for any help
>> > 
>> > enquirer
>> If you need more details, let me know. I used to have a dilemma similar
>> to yours. Also to consider: bookmarks (AKA favourites) and diary.
>> Hope it helps,
>> Roy
> That would work, but there are big security implications; you need a
> *very* good and reliable encryption system to stay safe.

I was thinking about Web-based interfaces too. They might have some
encryption built-in.

> If you use a free ftp service, I'd always back up locally as well. It's
> not unknown for online freebies literally to disappear overnight.

The files should always remain in existence on the computer where documents
were last worked on. The most you can lose is access to files until later
in the day or the following day. FTP is only a courier.

FTP/filestores are much more usable than transfer by E-mail, but with mail
server popping disabled, one can achieve similar, practical use.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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