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Re: Operating Systems in the Media

__/ [Gandalf  Parker] on Thursday 10 November 2005 13:11 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> contributed wisdom to
> news:dkvgig$2hdj$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>> The article you cited is just one among many and its source is
>> technical, thus intended for a technical audience. You should have
>> seen he write-ups in mainstream media. Last week they wrote about the
>> zombies (makes me bitter as I come under DoS attacks) without
>> mentioning even once that only Windows computers are affected.
>> Apparently, the very foundation a computer runs on is 'details'.
>> Moreover, it doesn't seem to be good PR when all the readers use
>> Windows.
> Im afraid that Windows has become a default answer for computers. I try to
> make fun of it but I cant avoid the fact. In all of the many forums that I
> haunt, if someone asks for help on a computer thing or a recommendation on
> software I will often post a reply that starts "you didnt mention an
> operating system so I take it for granted you must have Windows XP".
> Because usually linux or mac or even win98 will know enough to mention it

I sometimes ask people that question just to have them aware that other
operating systems *exist*. Even on campus in England, some staff, let alone
students, do not know what "operating system" actually means.

Rather than teaching youngsters how to use Word, they need to be taught, at
least for a mere half an hour, the difference between hardware and what
actually drives it. Analogies may help. There is a requirement for diverse
studies in place. Needn't they realise that commercialisation at school is
dangerous? Or support of a global monopoly? Bush et al. (and "folks")
decided to redefine *cough* science < http://msnbc.msn.com/id/9967813/ > and
give a broader scope. Why not O/S as well?


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