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Re: Google paying cash to Firefox users

__/ [www.1-script.com] on Tuesday 22 November 2005 06:26 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Unless Google take over Mozilla (which is not possible), it is as if
>> they pay people to ditch their competitor (Microsoft's Internet Explorer).
>> As the two stories above show, somebody ought to govern it all.
> Hey Roy, I think you missed the part "with Google Toolbar". Even if they
> are trying to ditch IE, no lawyer smart enough (which they can afford now)
> is going to miss the opportunity to say "we are just promoting our
> Toolbar".

Well spotted, but, but, but...

...the  defence  always sounds reasonable when it poses things in  a  more
convenient  way -- the way that suits it. Bear in mind that not all compa-
nies  have  the  power to pay publishers through accounts (in  this  case,
AdWord/Sense).  /Rewarding/  people is probably what makes the  exception.
Amazon give discounts, also to those using the A9 search engine, but imag-
ine  a world where you get paid merely to follow a route. This sounds  be-
nign,  but  it  can lead to circularity that strengthens  monopolies.  You
abide  by  a company's desire and, in return, they reward you as  long  as
they cash in.

Think of Windows and Media Player. Windows XP N (without media player) was
recently  released,  but large companies refuse to embrace  it.  Microsoft
would say that all they did was implement yet another media player and de-
cided  to bundle it along with their operating system. The matter of  fact
is  that owing to their holdings in the O/S market, they can easily  pene-
trate  and dominate media. This is anti-competitive and the Eurepean  Com-
mission  saw  through. Software is duplicable so legal observance must  be
changed.  Microsoft's  lawyers could always come up with reasonable  argu-
ments off their sleeves. Look at the headlines today and discover that Mi-
crosoft  /say/ they would open up their Office format. Whatever that prac-
tically  means,  we are yet to see. You can never defend  the  20-year-old
vendor  lock-in. Google centralise information, but they never encrypt it,
thus gain ownership.


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