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Re: A Bitter Linux User in a World Dominated by an Inferior O/S

__/ [Roy Schestowitz] on Thursday 13 October 2005 05:14 \__

> I have yet another reason to hate Windows with /passion/. My Linux server
> has come under heavy attacks by Windows machine that had been hijacked and
> it's putting my Web host in jeopardy. Motive? Referrer spam that comes
> with the visits en masse.
> I am unable to work. All I do is merely investigate my Apache options for
> filtering and looking at logs. It's 5 AM over here and I am struggling for
> survival as Windows zombies continue to hammer me. To anyone who says that
> Windows is not harmful to the world, use /that/ to argue for the contrary.
> Had there been no stickin', rusty Windows, I'd be able to do some real
> work. I can think of many other moves and strategies at Microsoft that
> encouraged spam in the past decade or two. Hate spam? Blame Microsoft.
> Roy

I now notice a type:

"attacks by Windows machine"

Should be:

"attacks by Windows machines" (plural)

There appears to be hundreds of them all over the world, China and Russia in


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