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Re: Free online desktops

__/ [Jafar As-Sadiq Calley] on Thursday 13 October 2005 12:37 \__

> We all know about free shell accounts. What about free online remote
> desktop accounts? I've found one at cosmopod.com which is a bare bones KDE
> desktop which is a good one to point people to if they are too lazy to
> download and burn a livecd of Linux.
> What I would like to know is, do you guys know of any other free remote
> desktops like this? Even if they are "alternative" OS's like Windows or
> Solaris? I think these desktops are great to test your webpages or remote
> connectivity of your server using an actual remote system.

There are many such services including 'snapshots delivery' that allow you
to test pages on remote machines without causing too much harm (i.e. having
very little control).

In the spirit of community, would you like an account on a *nix machine with
fast LAN in Manchester? I am getting a new machine back (hard-drive crash
under warrantee) and will probably put Ubuntu on it. It's switched on 24/7
and it's never used for anything apart from storage, music, and some
infrequent SSH. Hence, I don't care much about its performance, so might as
well share it.


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