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Re: Service Pack 3

__/ [John Bailo] on Saturday 15 October 2005 17:03 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> In conclusion, it is likely that more effort is realistically put into
>> hacking Open Source than its commercial equivalents. With exposed source,
>> it is an even easier task.
> Although it was recently reported that a bogus SP3 for XP has been making
> the rounds.
> Microsoft Displeased Over 'Fake' XP SP3
> "A consultant at Microsoft has warned against downloading the patches
> bundled as an unofficial Windows XP Service Pack 3 package.

Mah? Wha? Service Pack 3? Windows Vista is out already? Oh, yeah... I
actually heard about it already:


>  The Microsoft employee, Mike Brannigan, was identified as an enterprise
> strategy and senior consultant by PCWorld.com. He posted his thoughts on
> the SP3 roundup available on TheHotfix.net:
> You would be well advised to stay clear of this FAKE SP3 package. It is
> NOT suitable for testing as it is NOT SP3.
> Anyone who installs this thinking they are getting SP3 (even as a preview)
> is being grossly mislead and is posing a significant potentially non
> recoverable risk to their PC and data."

...as if Microsoft would have done something on the matter had someone lost
their data due to Windows vulnerabilities. Fake SP or not, Windows is a
wreck either way... might as well get it finished with and make the


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