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Re: SUSE 10 is fantastic

__/ [casioculture@xxxxxxxxx] on Saturday 15 October 2005 23:57 \__

> I should've just installed it from the start.
> It autodetected my monitor perfectly, crn p1500 1600x1200 at 78, sound
> card and all. Best distro hardware detection I've come across so far.
> Also, it looks so polished. It's so clear this is a big name OS. The
> finish is immaculate. Nothing cheesy about it - no jarring brown, no
> dancing penguins, none of that. I liken it to Mac OS X in its looks.
> Rebooting into Windows XP makes the microsoft OS feels like a poor
> man's choice.
> It's user-friendly and suitable for newbies yet it's also an
> instustrial-strength rock-solid enterprise OS, stable and reliable.

See sig. Nothing beats SuSE Linux. Any other distro is a compromise. If you
merely run a Web server, Debian might be fine, even the ricer's Gentoo.

For anything else:


(from scratch i.e. installation to a working state with KDE, FVWM, etc.)

I also have some arbitrary daily screenshots, if anyone has time to burn,



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