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Re: Open Source Software and the Commercial World

__/ [7] on Sunday 16 October 2005 13:35 \__

> johny_cage wrote:
>> Few months ago I have come to conclusion, that open source is a very
>> special thing. I t makes happy end users, with simple needs, and those
>> who has more specified needs, such as programmers, admins etc. But
>> among them, there are people from big companies, who might think: hm,
>> they get almost nothing from their job, we can see sources, use that,
>> pay nothing, and also reduce market competition, because less
>> compilcated software is written by them, and we have monopy to do more
>> complicated things, and reduce our potencial rivals.
>> Understand me, I have not much experience in develop software, and get
>> it money for my work. Almost everything I have done is open source, I
>> share it to my friends, publish it. Besides of the fact, that quality
>> of that sources may not be always very high, I learn.
>> Things that make me scary, even if I'm not from big company like
>> microcash, it is just that way of thinking, I want to do something, all
>> right, do it, but you have to remember that you have no chances to
>> compete.

Glad to hear back from you as I fully understand your concern (please quote
when replying next time). However, realise that not all should be about
profits and capitalisation, even if you work for a company whose aims are

I have an mate who started a Web-based AJAX feeds aggregator months ago. He
spent a great deal of money and sweat on it. He hasn't gone past beta yet
and just a couple of weeks ago came out Google Reader with a stable, much
faster equivalent.

Google will not have to sell Google Reader in the sense that licences are
purchased. I imagine that sponsored links will take care of
self-maintenance. The world is not always fair, but both end-users and
programmers often benefit from software that is free... free as in freedom.

> Says who?
> You sound as though you are seeking protection
> from the real world!
> You want to make a living from software?
> You sell software services like modifying a web site
> or setting up a accounting system for a company and you make
> lots of money. Most of the real money is not in the software,
> its in the services!

Yes, I was going to point that out. Support is not easily 'duplicable' and
likewise, the programmers knows his/her programs best.

> Just drop some leaflets around your local companies to say what
> you can do. Or get a job in a software company that does
> the same marketing or more professional marketing such as exhibitions
> and advertising and have customers to service.
> A Linux hosting company for example has lots of customers
> that need services which their customers can't do themselves such
> as set up servers and routers, take credit card payments,
> manage accounts and so on.
> The customers don't want to do that in their own offices even if
> they have got access to source code for Linux kernel!!!


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