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Re: Programming for "Loads of Money"

__/ [johny_cage] on Sunday 16 October 2005 19:03 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>Interesting take
> :)
> Privately, don't you want to use your, I think big, skill, and make
> loads of money?

No, because money as a road to happiness is an illusion. Until you get
there, you often don't have that fantasy shattered to pieces.

> Or maybe you already do this. I don't know.

I am doing fairly well on a communal level because I am not out for the
money. You may find that Open Source will make you more friends than
enemies in the long run. That would lead to more happiness than money can
ever achieve on its own.

> It is just,
> that I live in Poland, where prices are just like all over the world,
> but salaries are about 4-10 times smaller. It makes me so angry, that I
> want to put everybody out of bussiness, and make loads of money.
> Nothing more. Is it fair? No, but normal and clear and difficult.

Re-shape your scope of life and simplify it to the point where only the
things you have passion for and do not hurt anyone else (not directly nor
indirectly) take precedence. Stop wanting a black BMW or a house with a
pool. That's often for impotents with more greed than skills and an MBA
that taught them how to exploit people, making them feel like dipshit for
the glorification of the boss.


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