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Re: First Steps in Linux Installation

__/ [Roy Schestowitz] on Sunday 16 October 2005 08:39 \__

> __/ [bountifulharvest@xxxxxxxxx] on Sunday 16 October 2005 08:25 \__
>> <snip>
>> Can anyone tell me which Linux distribution should I download, so that
>> I can try set it up on my computer, and learn how to use it ?
>> <snip>
> I'd suggest you try Ubuntu. Get the CD's shipped to you for free <
> https://shipit.ubuntu.com/ >. Ubuntu[1] is very easy to use and it gives
> you a  good basis and orientation as a prospective Linuxer. The Live CD is
> a plus, just in case you are hesitant about the transition and need the
> trial as a re-inforcer.
> <snip>

__/ [M] on Sunday 16 October 2005 19:56 \__

> I am new to Linux. I have had a look at Mandrake 10.1, & Kubuntu, but
> finally settled on debian. You can use either KDE or GNOME, make the
> decision on start up.
> I downloaded the Net install iso, burnt it to CD then kicked the
> installation off. After about a couple of hours of the installer
> downloading what it wanted I was up and running. Was fairly straight
> forward.
> Only bit that really foxed me a little bit, was when it starting asking
> questions about the display. In the end I accepted the defaults, then
> asked some of the guys in alt.os.linux what I had to do to get things
> exactly the way I wanted it.
> So far so good :-)
> Happy Hunting,
> M

Good luck with the rest of the adaptation process. Installation of Linux can
in fact be much simpler than that of Windows. A deceiving factor is often
the experience people have accumulated installing Win16/32 ever since
version 3 came out.

With Linux, not only will a working desktop be up within half an hour or
less (varies depending on distro and machine), but also you will not need
to install much software therafter, if ever.

Much of the software that I use was already in the core and is far beyond
satisfactory. Would you ever consider notepad.exe for writing some C/C++
code? Or paint.exe to produce figures for a publication? I say this because
some colleagues do that. I am not joking, I swear.


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