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Re: Uptime Statistics

On Sunday 16 October 2005 14:58, Roy Schestowitz stood up and spoke the
following words to the masses in /comp.os.linux.misc...:/

> __/ [Jean-David Beyer] on Sunday 16 October 2005 12:30 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> You were at 104 days? What happened???
>> Actually, IIRC, it got up to 106 days and some.
>>> Roy
>> First, Red Hat chose to update my kernel, and after up2date
>> downloaded and installed it, I had to reboot to put it into service.
>> Actually, it was major update #6 to Ret Hat Enterprise Linux 3.
>> Downloading started October 28, but it was not done (dial-up) until
>> September 30.
>> Then, October 8, at 22:08:29, power failed in almost my entire town,
>> and the next town as well. It did not come back on until about
>> 01:40:03 the next morning. Actually, it came back on a bit sooner,
>> but my UPS waits until 5 minutes after power is restored or until the
>> battery is at least 50% charged, whichever is later. Anyhow, my UPS
>> will not stay up much over an hour, and the monitoring software
>> powers the system down after 3300 seconds, which it did at 23:03:59
>> on Oct 8. I cannot really justify a bigger UPS for a desktop, even
>> though it is a server to my LAN that has one other computer on it.
>> ;-)
> Well, at least I keep the Linux candle burning (metaphorically
> speaking of source), with 52 days, which is the number of days since
> your signature had me inspired. *smile*
> My harder experiences so far:
> * Reviving the cron daemon
> * exiting a morbid system state (only yesterday). I nearly gave up
> cause tty7 was not responding. If penguins can survive in the
> Antartic, nothing can stop them, right?

My record on this machine was 150 days, but then the videocard suddenly
displayed a solid color - red, if I recall correctly - in X and a
different solid color - white, I think - in CLI consoles (or maybe the
other way around).

I always have a root console window open on desktop 12, and I have set
up custom keybindings so that I can switch virtual desktops by pressing
the Control and F-keys.  I had to reboot the machine to make this
anomalous behavior go away.

It has occurred to me a few times since, but this machine is up for a
big maintenance and a hardware upgrade anyway, and the videocard will
be replaced.

I also had 148 days of uptime on a laptop once - connected to the AC
outlet, of course! ;-)
With kind regards,

(Registered Gnu/Linux user #223157)

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