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Re: GoogleAdwords

__/ [www.1-script.com] on Monday 17 October 2005 02:53 \__

> Thomas L wrote:
>> how can you
>> possibly afford to pay a dollar per click to reach high rankings when
>> most products/services only have a 1 in 50 conversion ratio.
> I'd say there is no such thing as "most products/services have x
> conversion ratio". Every product and service is unique and it's impossible
> to lump them all together like you just did. Believe you or not, but some
> businesses can afford to pay several dollars per click, not just $1.
> However, I think you are getting the whole game of keyword advertising
> wrong. The outrageous price per click in most cases only applies to #1 and
> #2 spots. I do not know what is the product or service you are trying to
> market, but in most computer-related niches I'm familiar with you can
> still pay 5 to 10 cents per click and be on the first page. There are,
> obviously keywords that so many people want so badly that they jack the
> price up to unbearable levels, but there is an easy solution: just drop
> those keywords, spend your money elsewhere.

Exactly. Advertising doesn't work too well. I am sick and tired of all
those 'big  daddies' and pathological  liars who argue  they can  make
a living solely on advertisements. The same is more or less true  when
it comes to sports. I have a  friend who plays  at the top leagues  so
I know this for a fact. The lies are nothing more by means of  keeping
up appearance.  The verses of impressive  arguments sure sounds  good,
but there is no evidence to support it.

I'll be brutally honest and  toss my cards at the table. I earn  about
80 cents per 1400 visits to my site. This is not even enough to  cover
Web  host expenses.  Is the content  inadequate for  profit-making (or
balancing/self-maintaining in my case as I'm non-profit)? I think not.
I see no flaw in the  latest of IT, Palm, programming, etc. I  am  not
running a site on developing African nations, for instance.

>> Also, can anyone suggest other marketing methods to a newbie in the
>> affiliate business?
> AdWords is not the only one but probably the quickest way to market. If
> you are just starting out, you may have to use it anyways until your other
> venues catch up. You will get a lot of good info about the programs and
> learn quite a few tricks from  Andrew Goodman's "Winning Results with
> Google AdWords" ISBN:0072257024 Amazon sells it for outrageously low price
> of 16 clicks ;-)

I thought those idiots were patenting a one-click purchase. I am glad
to have been told otherwise.

> Good luck!


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