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Re: Governmental Sites Choose Linux

On Monday 17 October 2005 18:48, zekolas stood up and spoke the
following words to the masses in /comp.os.linux.advocacy...:/

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I am writing with reference to a previous post (see "Britain's MI6
>> Open Its Fist Website") just to present some intersting facts.
>> The MI6, the FBI, the CIA, the White House, the Pentagon (among more)
>> are all *nix powered. Ironically enough, Erik could only point out
>> NSA (National Security Agency) as an exception as it is is powered by
>> Windows. See the irony? National security? Windows? Never mind...
>> Roy
> Didn't the NSA have their own linux distro at one point, or was
> resposible for SELinux? I remember hearing something about them
> "hardening" linux or something.

The NSA are indeed involved in the development of SELinux, which is a
patchset to harden Gnu/Linux.  They are still mainly focussing on the
2.4 kernel generation, and they themselves claim that SELinux is not
intended as a production-ready environment, but rather as an experiment
in security.

> Anyway I know NASA and other goverment funded labs use linux as well.

NASA uses Gnu/Linux clusters.  They do have Windows machines as well,
but they are mainly used for plain office work and image projections,
possibly for some image processing as well.

With kind regards,

(Registered Gnu/Linux user #223157)

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