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Re: Wikipedia Mirrors

__/ [John Bokma] on Tuesday 18 October 2005 02:30 \__

> info_at_1-script_dot_com@xxxxxxx (www.1-script.com) wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Is the Creative Commons Licence an invitation to massive, huge-scale
>>> ripoffs? A community of WikiPedians around the world is voluntarily
>>> spending time in vain? To get somebody else rich(er)?
>>> http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2005/10/17/wikimirror/
>> An excerpt from a Wikimirror.com:
>> <quote>
>> Content Credit
>> Wikimirror financially supports the Wikimedia Foundation. Displaying this
>> page does not burden Wikipedia hardware resources. This article is from
>> Wikipedia. All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free
>> Documentation License. Contact: info [AT] wikimirror [DOT] com
>> </quote>
> If they mean with: we made a copy of the wikipedia page, and hence save
> them some bandwidth, so we are financially supporting them... well...
> urhm.

Someone ought to make contact in order to see which side should be taken. In
fact, since the contact E-mail is there, furious E-mails are possibly
anticipated. Despite the age of the site, I still see (Alexa/Netcraft) that
it gets little traffic and I only found it at the very bottom of the
SERP's, having gone to the very end of the search results. I think the
disclaimer above might just be a coverup. Who knows if they ever negotiated
with Wikipedia's creator.

Speaking of Wikipedia mirrors, igorasmus (full details in whois.net), who
occasionally visits this group, has got many Wikipedia mirrors in
Algebra.com. I once searched the term "Mercury" (probably followed by 
another (key)word) and by serendipity found his domain in page 1! Algebra?
Mercury?... urrhhmmm..... Makes you think.


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