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Re: Very, very impressed with linux

__/ [casioculture@xxxxxxxxx] on Thursday 20 October 2005 13:38 \__

> I'm learning TeX/LaTeX at the moment and it makes me feel pity for
> those stuck to MS Word.
> I just LOVE the CLI/plaintext culture of linux.

Just don't miss out on LyX < http://lyx.org >, which is an excellent robust
and inter-operable front-end to LaTeX. This post of mine, by the way,  will
be (re-)formatted as to be justified and hyphenated using Perl modules that
have been inherited from TeX.

> For example:
> "One of the coolest things I found to do with this was to catalogue
> CD's. Pop a CD in the drive and type: tree /mnt/cdrom > cd1.txt this
> will take a nice directory listing of the CD and save it in the file
> "cd1.txt". Now put another CD in and repeat but using "cd2.txt", repeat
> until all your CD's are done. Now, in the directory with all the ".txt"
> files do: cat ./cd*.txt > masterlist.txt and there you have a nice CD
> catalogue.

If you are excited by that, you haven't seen much yet. *smile* And that, of
course, is a good thing...

> One excellent use for both cat and redirection is in making ISO CD
> images. Now one can fool about for a while with various tools trying to
> make an ISO from a CD (which you would do in order to mount the image
> as a filesystem, ie: the file on your HD will be treated as a real CD
> to all intents and purposes, cool eh?. If you wanted to make multiple
> copies of Linux for your friends without inconveniencing your master
> CD's). But in the end the simplest method is simply cat /dev/cdrom>
> image.iso. Now compare that to loading up a great big advert sponsored
> app in Windows to do the same job, most mighty I think you will agree."
> http://www.cmm.uklinux.net/steve/ntt.html#1
> I'm amazed! Freedom indeed!

Much  of what you do with a bloated application can be done with a  single
line,  which you can convert into a daily cron job and forget about  alto-


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