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Re: Does It or Does It Not?

__/ [Borek] on Saturday 22 October 2005 01:51 \__

> On Sat, 22 Oct 2005 01:40:46 +0200, Mark Shell
> <markashell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Someone wrote this quite authoritatively a couple of weeks ago on this
>> forum:
>> ==================================================
>> Generally speaking: outgoing links are not changing PR of the page.
>> Only weights of incoming links are counted. Adding 100 outgoing links
>> to the PR7 page that had no outgoing links before will not change its
>> PR.
>> ==================================================
>> At the same time I am reading about the PR "leaking". Where is the truth?
> PR leak is not about single page, but about whole site. Every link
> carries some PR to other pages. When you link to other pages on YOUR
> site, you are distributing PR to other pages you own (which may in turn
> redistribute the PR back). When you link to pages on OTHER sites,
> some of PR is distributed outside, so it is not used on YOUR site,
> hence it "leaked".

I  agree.  To what extent it leaks, I don't know. There is  probably  some
weighting  factor  that is intended to still encourage  off-site  linking.
Imagine yourself a situation where people just linked to other sites using
scripts  like  redirect.asp or go.php (made up to a certain degree, but  I
hope it makes the point clearer). The whole PR system would have then col-

> Not that it is very important issue, besides, all we know about how
> the PR is defined and calculated is based on a paper published back
> in nineties. PRs of pages after current upgrade are not in accordance
> with the algorithm published then (or the upgrade is not finished yet).
> Best,
> Borek

The  algorithm may have evolved though. When I say "evolved" I mean "radi-
cally  evolved" to the point where it is beyond just a patch and more of a
major  adaptation  to deal with SEO. I don't think anything major has  yet
been  filed as a patent, but then again, much of the World Wide Web is be-
coming SE-optimised so it will have to change sooner or later. Try to look
at page titles of Web hosting companies...


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