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Re: Another convert

__/ [wd] on Monday 31 October 2005 04:22 \__

> Just introduced some more college students to Linux today.  I thought it
> wasn't possible -- a hardcore Windows gamer, and a girl who had never
> heard the word "Linux" before.


Good, good. Educate them while they are young... before the FUD and
well-insted propaganda takes over...

> The girl loves the penguin, the starfish (one of the Ubuntu themes), and
> the free games (no more free Windows games with spyware).  She lost her
> Windows installation disk and now has a free replacement (Linux).  The
> guy wants some CDs too for a dual boot system.
> Ubuntu does it again.

I never thought of the variety themes as a primary selling point or point of
appeal. When I get to think about it, kids like colourful interactivity more
than adults. They also appreciate the ability to distinguish their workspace
from that of their peers. Look at a youngster's mobile phone, for example.
It's that teenage individuality phase. Arrogant decisions over UI themes, as
well as Solitaire just don't cut it anymore.

Great job!


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