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Re: Trouble w/Palm Desktop 4.0 Mac

__/ [BC Drums] on Friday 02 September 2005 06:11 \__

> 4.0/Mac has worked fine for me for years. I am running OS 10.3.9.
> Lately, when I launch the program, I get the Beachball, the program
> never launches, and then the whole computer crashes. This happens 4 out
> of 5 times, the other times Palm launches fine.
> What to do? Is there a fix? I know there are newer versions of the
> software, but I am reluctant to install a new version only to have to
> figure out why THAT doesn't work. Is it less trouble to fix 4.0, or to
> try 4.2?
> Thanks!
> BC

I suggest you pull out the CD (I am not aware if Mac equivalents get the Mac
software bundled or need to download it) and re-install 4.0. Make sure you
set it to "Handheld overwrites Desktop" or else you may have these
obnoxious introductory items like "Palm Accessories" and other "Hello
World"-like placeholders.

I am not sure if you can still download 4.0 from the Palm Web site.
Commercial software vendors often insist that the user runs the most recent
version (bug fixes and security are a concern to them due to liability).
However, since some of the features in 4.2 will NOT be supported by your
PDA, you should be able to persuade Palm to ship you a Palm Desktop 4 CD or
at least make a download available.

Hope it helps,


PS - Regarding the current problem that you are experiencing, there is no
error message so it is mysterious and prone to just waste your time. If you
are willing to look at some log files, go ahead. It might be unproductive
though since no data was lost.

If you last modified your data on your Desktop-side, be sure to make a copy
of your profile directory, which you might be able to safely graft onto
your new installation of Palm Desktop, thereby avoiding any loss of data.
Settings likewise, but the files may be different and I don't know the
Mac's equivalent to the Windows Registry. I also suspect that Palm Desktop
makes use of .ini files, but they will probably be non-existent on the Mac.
That said, I don't know the Mac's anatomy too well as I still use OS 9 at

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