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How to Improve this Newsgroup

What I describe in this message is my honest opinion, which you may respect
at some level or simply be annoyed by. Either way, I am fairly certain that
a few (a minority at least) will nod and at the same time consider it to be

I like alt.www.webmaster. There are some very knowledgeable and funny people
that partake in discussions. Nonethess, there are also a few deterrents.

The newsgroups often appears to be chatroom for boys and girls -- or shall I
say -- boys /and/ girls. It quickly slides into non-technical issues and
dialogues that are hard to follow. To survive in this groups without
killing time, one must hit ignore on very many threads. Moreover, I sensed
that people in this group give short answers, which could otherwise be more

Lastly and perhaps not worth mentioning is the recent vandalism by  the
Google Groups demonstrator. It definitely did not help. Had that person
been ignored rather than provoked, perhaps, just perhaps, he would have
vanished more quickly. At present, it is hard for me to take the group
seriously and I sometimes don't even skimp the subject lines. If I get
'entangled' in a thread, it may easily carry on for a week. Even a trivial
question about domain registration can find its odd path into a discussion
about fruit and vegetables.

Just my 50 cents guys... I didn't mean to offend anyone.


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