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Re: Linux TCO significantly lower than others

__/ [Ray Ingles] on Friday 02 September 2005 15:18 \__

> In article <mGYRe.1628$4i6.991@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, billwg wrote:
>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:df8rvv$25f2$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> In short, Linux if 40% cheaper than Windows in terms of total cost of
>>> ownership, i.e. setup /and/ maintenance.
>> Ah, yes, roy, but you have to get the linux for free to meet these
>> numbers and thus you need to provide all your own support and pay low
>> wages to your own people rather than contracting the support to the
>> linux distribution vendor.
>  Ah yes, just like the customer cited in the article running Linux on
> a Z-Series mainframe.
>  Hey, wait, that's not right... but billwg wouldn't make stuff up,
> would he?
>> The study shows lower in-house costs with "free" linux as the source
>> of the savings.

You are missing the point entirely by sticking to facts that are meaningless
and then inflating them to suit your argument.

>  Um, well, no. Reduced licensing costs was a significant chunk (note
> that it said nothing about 'free'), but it also lists reduced hardware
> requirements and better staff retention and crossover skills, among
> other factors. Speaking of which...
>> Availability and needs for IT weenies ebb and flow with
>> the times and the cheapskate companies that look to lower costs with
>> wage squeezes on surplus talent will inevitably feel the pinch some
>> future day when their staffs decamp for richer climes.
>  ...the study actually shows Linux *improving* retention. But hey,
> who are you going to believe, billwg or your lying eyes?
>> You buy cheap and you get cheap and it will eventually show.
>  There's a difference between 'cheap' and 'inexpensive'.

That very particular difference is one which the public sometimes fails to
see. Linux has a great deal of perception at its core and Linux-oriented
developers know it. If you buy expensive, you do so because you think you
will have a greater chance at achieving reliability or quality. You would
go quite far persuading yourself that it is so.


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