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Re: Google's Phone # 650 330 Anon

__/ [Logician] on Friday 02 September 2005 20:43 \__

> One of my SEO books lists the Google phone number. I posted as in may
> be useful to some people. My book says call it if you get delisted and
> press "0" for operator and they give you an email address with a
> password for the subject heading which changes everyday.
> The number is real, I called it today, and a perky voice said: "Thanks
> for calling Google, enter the number of your party's extension, or ..."

Wouldn't they change the number occasionally? I guess they must get the
number to 'drift' every now and again as I fail to see how the password
would help. If all you have to do is phone to get some password, then it
might be a good mechanism for prevention of spam (like boxtrapper), but not
for prevention of abuse. Some of the nastier Google haters would still
manage to sneak past the defences.

Why not publish several E-mail addresses for the different departments and
have some CAPTCHA tests set up as a screening wall? Also, what is wrong
with the request forms that they use already? I assume the number above has
no premium fare in the States. Why become so difficult to contact?


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