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Re: Palm Desktop V 4.2 HotSync

__/ [Joe Blow] on Saturday 03 September 2005 01:21 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:df8m95$1aou$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [Tom Lake] on Friday 02 September 2005 00:26 \__
>>> "Falco" <schnauzevoll@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:D%KRe.5112$R5.917@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>I downloaded the file from the Palm web site but when I started to
>>>>it a message appeared telling me that a dll was missing.
>>>> Has anyone else had any problems?
>>> Your problem is the only one I DIDN'T encounter!  I've had problems
>>> with install hanging, reboots, and now that it is finally installed,
>>> none of its
>>> version numbers report 4.2 and HotSync no longer works!  I'm erasing it
>>> and reloading from the CD that came with my T5.
>>> Tom Lake
>> Did you remember to uninstall Palm Desktop 4.x (not 4.2) first? Also,
>> when uninstalling, if you get asked whether to remove a file or not
>> (usually occurs when shareable objects exist), always reply "No" or "No
>> to all" if that option exists. Also make sure that you reboot before
>> attempting to install the new version of Palm Desktop or else the Windows
>> Registry would cause confusion.
>> Roy
> You know - I've been with this group along time but I'm not sure if I
> should bottom post or top post?
> Anyhow ... I also have had no luck installing 4.2. In taking the advise
> below about uninstalling the old palm desktop first -> the supposedly new
> desktop says V4.1.4 on the 'About' screen. Is this a bug and this is in
> fact the new version ... ?? The task list (in the desktop only) shows
> repeating tasks so probably is 4.2. ...?
> When I do a hotsync it seems to go into a loop(or loops). I have to break
> the connection after a long while, terminate the task on the PC and reset
> the T5 (flashed up with the latest patch I might add).

I suppose I am among the few in UseNet who bother to fix things when people
top-post, but anyway, as Notan argued:

__/ [Notan] on Saturday 03 September 2005 01:26 \__

> ...
> The two posters, that posted after the OP, both bottom posted.
> Whether, or not, you follow USENET guidelines (i.e., bottom
> posting), consistency should be adhered to, above all else.
> Sorry, Joe, you should've bottom posted! <g>

As regards your question, the About section may indicate nothing but a
fluke. I assume that you downloaded the software from Palm's Web site.
There is usually a variable that contains the version number and is echoes
when the About section gets invoked. The develops must have forgotten to
modify that value. Negligence *smile*.

"Loop" or "loops" are essentially the same. Pluralising it is like putting
dry clothes in the tumble drier. I experience the same problem on occasions
and I use a Tungsten T. Does the HotSync window pop-up? If so, does it
hang? Does it act as if it's reluctant to ever come up and subsequently
requires a reset for HotSync to ever complete?


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