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Re: Outlook Express error when sending email

  • Subject: Re: Outlook Express error when sending email
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 05:29:19 +0100
  • Newsgroups: uk.comp.misc
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
  • References: <431d9676$0$22904$ed2619ec@ptn-nntp-reader01.plus.net>
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__/ [Martin Underwood] on Tuesday 06 September 2005 14:15 \__

> I was setting up OE6 on a customer's PC today and usually (but not 100%
> reproducably) got error "0x800CCC0B" when OE tried to send using SMTP.

Are you using the SMTP server belonging to the ISP which provides the
connection? This is where many people get it wrong.

> The
> PC has McAfee Security Centre installed, but the problem still existed
> with McAfee Antivirus and Firewall disabled. Receiving email over POP3
> worked fine.

POP3 is completely unrelated, so don't use it for any inferences.

> Looking on MS's Knowledge Base, the error means "0x800CCC0B BUSY  Server
> or maildrop is busy."

I believe that Microsoft ought to have output the description to the screen
rather than give hexadecimal numbers and refer to the user to a

> The SMTP server was definitely correct - it was the same ISP and same
> server as I use myself, and I checked that my laptop could send/receive
> OK. I hadn't got "hangup after send/receive" ticked - the dial-up line was
> definitely staying up.
> With McAfee AV enabled, I get a McAfee error "Protocol Error" and no error
> message from OE; with McAfee disabled I see the real error message as
> above.

It sounds as if the problem is not related to the AV. It is only an illusion
because the AV sits on top of the network layer.

> As far as I could tell, if I cleared OE's outbox and closed/restarted OE,
> it would allow me to send one email but failed for subsequent ones, either
> with two or more emails in the Outbox when I did Send/Receive or if I did
> a S/R with one message (which sent OK) and then prepared another message
> and did S/R.
> It's as if OE is getting into a state where it refuses to send, and needs
> its Outbox clearing and OE restarting before it will send another message.

A few weeks ago I came across similar symptoms. A professor could only send
one message at a time. It must have been an odd bug.

> I tried pinging relay.force9.net (the SMTP server address) and telnetting
> to its port 25 (SMTP) and that worked reliably. Unfotunately I didn't have
> my SMTP syntax cribsheet so I couldn't try ending from the telnet session.
> Any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it?

Have you tried re-installing the mail client? You can isolate the data and
make a clean installation. Otherwise, consider testing under another mail
client. I recommend Mozilla Thunderbird, which is able to import both mail
and settings from Outlook Express without any loss.

Hope it helps,


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