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Re: Any new Palm models on the way? Anything out there still not made by Palm?

__/ [Preston Crawford] on Thursday 08 September 2005 15:48 \__

> I've been very unhappy with Palm of late. I tried buying a Tungsten or a
> Zire 72, but upon visiting like 10 stores, I found the "screen whine"
> problem to be very real and very annoying. So I've been gun-shy about
> getting into any of the new Palms. So I've waited for something new to
> come out and nothing new has really come out (save for the Lifedrive,
> which is way more than I need). So I'm seriously debating again, whether
> to get a Pocket PC. It's sad, because I use Linux. So for me the Pocket
> PC would be a step down. But in the end what I really need is for the
> device in question to do its job, regardless of OS. And part of that
> criteria is that it not make a high-pitched sound. I hate to leave the
> Palm OS fold, especially since synchronization with Linux is decent, but
> synchronization isn't everything. Especially when most work computers
> use Windows anyway. I need the device to be reliable and not noisy and I
> haven't found a new Palm (save for the Zire 31 and 21) that fit this
> criteria.
> So with that I ask if there are any new Palm models on the way anytime
> soon? Is Palm the only major manufacturer right now (no Sony, etc.)?
> Lastly, anything that I might still be able to find new or refurbed that
> isn't made by Palm?
> Preston

Stick with Palm and be patient. The Tungsten E had some noise issues, so I
suggest you consider one of the other models. The Tungsten E-2 appears to
be rather reliable as nobody voices complaints. Older Tungstens like the T3
are also a bargain now. You can get the Sony models for an excellent price
on eBay, for example.

Palm are working on a development suite for Linux and will soon be based on
Linux with all the goodness of multi-tasking and Open Source projects.
Linux do not only penetrate the desktop and the laptop; they should soon
have an impact in the mobile computing market as well. The worst you can do
is submit to shackles that will lock your data and disallow you to return
to open solutions. Been there, done that...

All the best,


Roy S. Schestowitz      | "Mod me up and I'll cherish you"
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