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Re: Google & dynamic pages weirdness

__/ [Davémon] on Thursday 08 September 2005 19:48 \__

> I spotted another weird (well I think its weird) googlism:
> All 69 results point to the same 2 pages, which are just database driven
> urls with minor varients.
> Why does google feel the need to index them all as different (but
> 'similar' - hence the filter=0) pages?
> PS I've changed my blogging tool, and all those links now error.

I can't recall the the site structure that you previously had (it looked
nice), but it seems as if the older blogging tool pointed to entries by
invoking a PHP file and passing it some arguments. Some CMS packages will
have a single fixed address with an argument like ?page=155, in which case
search engines will index locations in a peculiar, non-elegant manner. It
doesn't seem as if your old links broke completely, e.g.:


Be careful because PageRank can be dropped as a consequence. Maybe someone
can correct me and say that the custom error pages will preserve PageRank
given the right retrieval status.


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