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Re: Are web logs (blogs) good for business?

__/ [Matt Probert] on Friday 09 September 2005 11:00 \__

> Sun certainly thinks so:
> http://www.sun.com/2005-0830/feature/index.html
> Sun suggests that a business "use blogs to cut through the media
> clutter and connect more closely with customers"

They do so successfully in my humble opinion. I have been (or am) subscribed
to a few feeds to refelect on 'corporate lives'.

> But can not this be done more simply through email?

As already mentioned, "pull" versus "push". I hate getting E-mail. With
feeds I can procrastinate or fall behind. They also do not intrude.

> Do customers
> really care about the personal life of your members of staff? And is
> there not a danger of being overly personal?

Not if you employ tactful people. *smile* Honestly. People become overly
personal when they obsessively crave attention or have few people to share
their experiences with.

> "In the Participation Age, the right way to tell people about how
> great your company is, is to get the people who are making your
> company great to tell how they are doing it."
> Do customers care about 'how' or 'why' ? Or do they simply focus on
> the 'what' ?
> Matt

I personally prefer using software from people whom I know or people whom I
can contact when something... well... simply sucks (pardon my English). You
can also speak out and reach the destined reader/s when you absolutely love
the end product and wish to thank the contributer/s. If you are lucky, you
can also get involved and help shape the very product that you are using.


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