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Re: Downloading in Mozilla

  • Subject: Re: Downloading in Mozilla
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 06:39:02 +0100
  • Newsgroups: alt.html
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [Neredbojias] on Saturday 10 September 2005 02:01 \__

> With neither quill nor qualm, Neredbojias quothed:
>> Does anyone but me think that the downloading mechanism in
>> Mozilla/Firefox sucks?  When I want to see images, I have to turn the
>> download manager off so I don't get a dialog box every time.  When I
>> want to download a file, I must turn the manager on in order to see the
>> progress dialog which I want to see.
>> Or am I missing something...?
> Well I'll be hornswaggled!  After reading your various and generous
> replies, I went to try it again (in Mozilla), and it worked.  It *used
> to* open a progress dialog for images as well as app, etc files, honest.
> This happened probably not even a month ago (-although with an older
> version of Moz, I'm sure).  Firefox, too.  Now, at least Moz functions
> in the traditional manner.  (I'm waiting for ff 1.5 before I reinstall
> that.)
> Anyway, sorry to have troubled y'all.  I'll go back into my hole now and
> count my toes or something.

Just to add my humble view on this:
Download Manager in Firefox is an excellent feature. It enables you to keep
progress of multiple files that you are downloaded while avoiding the
clutter of many children windows, as Internet Explorer does, for example.
What if you download 10 bitmaps that are 4 MB each simultaneously? Wouldn't
you rather have an /overview/ on progress?

Have a look at the Firefox preferences menu. You can make the Download
Manager invisible (or disappear when all is done). I personally have a
shortcut to Download Manager (Downloads) in my toolbar. All downloads
proceed in the background. Shall I decide to see what is going on, one
mouse click gives me a full summary. I am otherwise oblivious as to
progress, but can always check if necessary.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz      | while (sig==sig) sig=!sig;
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