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Re: A Google Dance of an Update?

__/ [www.1-script.com] on Saturday 10 September 2005 18:12 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I could sense a change recently, which is the reason I decided to bring
>> this up to everyone's attention.
> From what I can see analyzing traffic on my sites, the recent (first week
> of Sept. 05) update is *not* an update at all but simply bloating of the
> index.

That's a possibility, but no change is apparent in terms of crawlers'

> No SERPs changes except for normal fluctuation, no PR update.
> Backlinks increase seems to be only a function of the overall index size
> increase. Most notably, no traffic increases although the number of
> indexed pages on most of my sites increased almost three-fold.

All good and valid points. Very intriguing.

> However, index increase is going to affect PR big times whenever the next
> *real* update is out.

See below for speculative dates:


> Did they give a name to the next update yet?

Probably not "Katrina". I wonder if they too have a queue of names.


PS - I am beginning to worry about what I say/id in this newsgroup. Big G
seem to want me as a sysadmin for g dot com...

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