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Re: Many T5s, two PCs

__/ [ Jd Lyall ] on Friday 21 April 2006 23:12 \__

> Andrew P wrote:
>> I'm involved with a data collection project which will be using T5s to
>> collect patient information. There are two PCs on the LAN dedicated to the
>> data collection project. All the users have individual logins with
>> Outlook, etc. There are around 25 users. The data collection is being done
>> with DataViz's SmartList.
>> The scenario is that any user should be able to sit down at a free PC -
>> doesn't matter which - and sync his/her T5 with Outlook and SmartList.
>> First of all, how do I install Palm Desktop, etc? Do I have to run the
>> install for every user on each PC? Or can I do an install as Administrator
>> which every user can then use.
>> In the past you had to do multiple installs to different directories, but
>> I've discovered that you can't do that anymore as the installation process
>> detects that the software is already installed and you are no longer given
>> the option to install to a different directory.
>> Second, the HotSync conduits now seem to have a "sync with multiple
>> computers" option. Does that take care of most of the issues around
>> syncing with multiple computers?
>> Any advice much appreciated as I really don't want to do 50 installs.
>> Thanks,
>> Andrew
> I do not know how many different palms a palmdesktop will handle. I know
> that it works with two. But each palm needs a unique identifier of
> course. That seems like it could make problems with using 'whatever pc
> is available'.
> You'd have data within multiple user directories. Then your problem is
> gathering all the info from multiple users(palms, actually).

There shouldn't be any limit imposed on the number of users. Just make sure
that each PDA has a unique user identifier. Also ensure that the users have
separate accounts on the operating system. I am not entirely sure about
installation, but I suspect that a single installation (as administrator)
will suffice.

Hope it helps,


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