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Re: Palmtops

__/ [ Swampy Bogtrotter ] on Saturday 22 April 2006 13:35 \__

> Next month, I'm buying a PDA for Janet so she can read Ebooks instead of
> normal books (too much hassle for her since she developped lupus)
> Now, this is a new area for me, and I'm a tad confuddled by it......
> There seems to be 2 main operating systems in use from what I can
> see....Windows Mobile, and Palm OS.....

I will warn you that my option is strongly biased. *smile*

> It seems that you generally get better specs for your money with the Palm
> OS models.....I have a budget of anywhere between £200 and £400, and I'm
> looking for the best functionality, coupled with ease of use for Janet. Now
> Janet is one of those people who is happy with what she knows and, and is
> generally unsure about trying new things in case she doesn't get on with
> them.....
> So, I have a few questions for anyone in the know....
> Does Pal OS offer the same kind of functionality as Windows Mobile?

Yes. I can think of a few applications that you can run on Windows Mobile and
not on Palm, as well as vice versa. Many would argue that Palm offers more
applications, a very large number of which are free.

> Are file formats such as txt, htm, and pdf recognized by it?

Yes. You can install Acrobat Reader, Blazer, Plucker, etc. Some of them will
be installed already and all are free.

> Is it easily compatible with a windows desktop/laptop?

Yes. Mac OS X and Linux likewise.

> Will a windows only user find Palm OS restrictive, awkward, unusual, or in
> any way problematic?

A Windows user may find it easy to use and exceptionally reliable. A Palm
will probably require a reset once in several month, which typically seems
normal to *nix users, but raises many brows among the Windows community.

> We're off down to PC world now to try a few out and get a feel for whats
> available, but any pointers would be gratefully appreciated.....

Depending on what you need, have a look at the Treo (*not* the 700w), as well
as the Tungsten X. For practical use, the LifeDrive would be a poor choice,
unless Janet needs plenty of storage space (music can be stored on SD cards
as an alternative) or if she can tolerate startup latency and has a purse.

Best wishes and good luck,


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