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Re: spyware, off topic?

__/ [ John Bokma ] on Saturday 22 April 2006 02:32 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> You are using an operating system that gets you under its control
>> while disclosing very little and offering little or no sight into its
>> chassis.
> With Open Source this is not really that different for the majority of
> people. Even if you can peek into its chassis, understanding it is only
> for the happy few.
> As of spyware and crap (cleaner), some consider cookies also spyware, and
> hence if you use a browser, and accept cookies, you have spyware. As for
> crap, each OS I have used has crap accumulating somewhere (note that crap
> cleaner also empties tmp folders, and browser cache)
>> I suggest you just move up the ladder and choose an Open
>> Source operating system (FreeBSD or *nix), which will make all such
>> trouble a thing of the past
> As a user of plenty operating systems both closed and open: there is no
> generally better OS. One OS might be a better tool at one moment compared
> to another, but security wise, the biggest problem is the *user*.

I agree with this in general, but you will have a hard time persuading me
that Windows protects the user as well as GNU/Linux, for instance. With
Internet Explorer as default browser, all it takes is a Web search that
leads you to unfriendly sites. To name just one example...

>> and will also be a better (more usable, efficient) working environment.
> Only if it makes better versions of the tools you're using available.
> GNU/Linux doesn't offer the tools I use daily on Windows XP. And no: close
> is still no cigar. Switching to Linux would make my environment less
> usable and way less efficient.

Switch and persistent use are different scenarios and any migration is a
long-term investment. Your experience exceeds mine in that respect.

>> Windows Vista will offer nothing
>> better, neither in terms of privacy, nor in terms of functionality.
> If your applications are going to run on Vista, and not on Linux, Linux is
> not an alternative. A peg made out of wood is not an alternative to a leg.

Unless you are Pinocchio (the point being is that different shoes fit
different feet).

>> While you talk about this problem called spyware, you actually talk
>> about a deficiency of the underlying platform, which is too permissive
>> by design.
> No: it's the user who has no clue (and Linux fanboys repeating it). Can
> you give an example of how a limited user account is too permissive
> compared to a user on Linux?

A limited user account permits Registry modifications.

*smile* I should not have brought up this topic. Apologies for taking this
off topic discussion further off topic; sincere apologies.


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