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Re: Insultng behaviour

__/ [ Leslie Danks ] on Friday 21 April 2006 11:07 \__

> spike1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Leslie Danks <Leslie.Danks@xxxxxx> did eloquently scribble:
>>> You're splitting hairs here. In terms of the intention there is no
>>> essential difference between a commercial entity hiring an advertising
>>> agency to produce expensive promotion material and someone here
>>> advocating Linux. It could even be regarded as better targeted here
>>> because of the audience reached. And aren't RH or Novell adverts
>>> indirectly advertising OSS?

Commercially-supported OS projects like Sun's OpenOffice or Firefox (Mozilla
Foundation) should be set aside. RH and Novell likewise. You are missing
what is truly at the core and heart of Open Source.

>> No difference??? You mean apart from the fact the only people who even
>> know about this newsgroup already have their feet firmly planted into
>> whichever camp anyway? How is insulting microsoft here "Advertising" in
>> the same way as expensive promotion when no-one but people who already
>> know about it will see it?
> No "essential" difference in the sense of what the intention is. That there
> is a difference in scale is obvious.
>>>> The incentive and support can
>>>> only come from the people, who happen to be the only force behind
>>>> development as well.
>>> True, but beside the point - which was about how to advocate Linux
>>> effectively and persuasively rather than putting people's backs up
>>> against it and the people who advocate it.
>> Well, try telling the same thing to the wintrolls. They insult linux here
>> far more than we insult windows, last I looked.
>> (most of our windows insults are in the "HE STARTED IT" mode as well... or
>> countering the lies of the wintrolls)
> Obvious trolls should be ignored. Lies can be answered with facts and in a
> dignified manner. Once you descend to the same level of muck slinging and
> abuse you've already lost the attention of all the lurkers (if there are
> any here still) whom you might to be able to influence.

An important point was omitted. Wintrolls should have never subscribed to
this newsgroup in the first place. They are vandals. Community vandalism is
what led to the use of the term 'Internet trolls', which is an ethical
offence. Nothing else.

Best wishes,


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