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Re: [News] IBM Says Oracle Cannot Buy Open Source

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Handy was responding to comments made by Oracle CEO Ellison to the
> | Financial Times, where he said that he wanted Oracle to control a
> | 'full stack' of software, including the Linux operating system. If
> | Oracle did try to buy a Linux distributor, such as Red Hat or Novell,
> | Handy said 'we'd stick to our strategy of having two or more
> | independent distributors and have to wait and see what happens.'
> `----

I Like IBM, they have made mistakes in the past, and they are still a
business thats out to make money, but they on our side and fully supportive
of the Linux and in particular the GPl'd system.

Oracle on the other hand, I don't know exactly what their game is but the
idea that they can own or control Linux, well it just sounds like arrogence
and bluster to me. I know they upset, (tap tap gently on shoulder), because
a lot of things that we would have once done in database world and paid
huge sums to Oracle for a license, can now be done for nothing with
MySQL/Postgresql. So understandably upset. 

But they could cope with this in a much better way. Oracle still has a
place, you still need the big engines to fit in the big motor cars, they
should work with Linux with a smile on their faces because they is still
room for them here and a market for products they tried to get out once
before but we who developed databases weren't going to have a chopped down
mini when you could play with a big earth moving truck (well, those paying
the contract money would never know that the full blown Oracle wasn't
really necessary).

But I can't help feeling Oracle hate us lot, in my mind they seem to come in
the Linux room because they have to, sit in a chair in such a way that
there is as little contact as possible with the furniture, you can tell by
their faces that they don't want to be here, you never feel like they
actually looking at you even when they talking about you. Not the slightest
chance of them having a coffee 'urg, drink out of a cup that a Linux user
has drank out of, no chance pal'. Thats what Oracle seem like to me. 

If you do happen to look in here Oracle, lighten up, you Do have a good
product and we in Linux world would like it. You don't have to give it away
for free, not all software in Linux is free software, no one minds that. If
it's good and we want it we will buy it. But give us a token, how about a
GPl'd chopped down version of the Oracle database engine? Do that and I'll
disinfect a cup just for your personal use.

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