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Re: Thunderbird anti-mouse help

__/ [ Marshall Price ] on Sunday 30 April 2006 03:12 \__

> Thunderbird's built-in help is non-existent; its Internet info is
> dreadful.  I'm not familiar enough with other aspects of Thunderbird to
> judge it, but I feel strongly about the necessity of providing users
> with easily-accessible and legible instructions.

I usually arrive at solutions or answers directly by doing a Web search. Use
of the indices, documentation search and glossaries is usually slower. You
can restrict a search to individual sites by adding e.g. 'site:mozilla.com'
(the Foundation) to your search phrase

> How can I mark a selected bunch of messages "read" with a single
> keystroke?  ("M" seems to toggle them.)

A single keystroke to _both_ select and mark as read? That's impossible. In
KNode, <Alt>+R+R immediately marks all as read whereas context
menu-><Ctrl>+D marks all current thread as read. For selection, highlight,
then hit D. No equivalent in Thunderbird and as I know its many extensions
quite well, I suspect you will find no luck there. Consider the mouse
gestures extension though (from Optimoz). It can be tweaked to make life
easier (more efficient).

> How can I abandon a message I'm composing?  (Alt-F4 exits not only the
> composer, but Thunderbird itself.)

By serendipity, I noticed that only a few hours ago. Alt-F4 seemed to have no
effect when focus (mouse pointer) was on a new void message. This is very
much adverse to consistency. KNode does not suffer from this behavioural

> How can I kill-file a poster?

Use filters. Thunderbird has a good and flexible system for filtering (per
account), but I supsect none for scoring.

Best wishes,


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