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Re: Is Windows becoming irrelevant?

__/ [ M ] on Sunday 30 April 2006 19:35 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Ignoramus19383 ] on Sunday 30 April 2006 18:59 \__
>>> On Sun, 30 Apr 2006 17:03:30 GMT, 7
>>> <website_has_email@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Ignoramus19383 wrote:
>>>>> I have to use a Windows box at work (along with a linux box as
>>>>> well). The main apps that I use are:
>>>>> - Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird
>>>>> - XEmacs
>>>>> - xterm
>>>>> - cygwin
>>>>> - Open Office
>>>>> The only native Windows app that I use is a MS Visual C++. (which is a
>>>>> very solid product)
>>>> You can use gcc or kdevelop studio - I use gcc and get reliable
>>>> predictable results; and with any problems I can check right down
>>>> to the source code of libraries as to where the problem originates.
>>>> I can't do that with micoshaft vc++, or indeed with any micoshafted
>>>> software products. Micoshaft is a great hindrance to a busy developer.
>>> Does it have a good debugger that can debug 100's of thousands of line
>>> programs with many libraries etc?
>> I have some colleagues who are competent with both GNU/Linux and Windows.
>> According to them, the Visual C++ debugger is one of their main motives
>> (if not the only one) for coding C/C++ under Windows. One particular
>> person that I think of at this moment runs Cygwin alongside Visual
>> Studio/C++.
>> I came across similar opinions when I spoke to other people. It's always
>> the debugger they rave about. That said, this all goes back 2 years into
>> the past. Things may have changed. I used to be using ddd back when I was
>> 18 or 19 and last year I taught myself gdb. I rarely program in C/C++ at
>> this moment (only passively when I must), but if you want further pointers
>> to debugging tools that I found and gather, let me know. I must have had
>> them bookmarked.
> So which IDE are we talking about here VS 6, 7/7.1 or 8?

Probably 6, though I would have to take my mind into the past and maybe ask a
few colleagues. The IT staff had it installed on the Windows partition which
they set up 2.5 years ago (it's long gone). I never even bothered to launch

To respond to Igor's question, I had the impulse to mention Eclipse in the
very first instance (my previous mesaage), yet the dicussion revolved around
C/C++ (evidently), so I held back.

The current projects we have here that are in C++ are scheduled (permanently
so, procrastination has become a disease) to be transformed/migrated to
Java. The Ph.D. students find it hard to cope with, especially since only a
few of them have CS background. My advice would be that, if you can, drop C
like a hot potato and hop on the Java wagon, ASAP. Consult the bosses if

> 6 is my favourite and what I frequently drop back to whenever I can.
> Haven't used 8 yet, but 7.1 drives me nuts, I have real problems trying to
> get on with it. I hate the new 'Find In Files'. Compiling a C++ projects
> with dependencies, the way it keeps on compiling when one dll in the chain
> is broken, well that drives me nuts too. There are some keyboard shortcuts
> I would like which don't seem to be there either, may be I am missing
> something I don't know. All I do know is that it reduces my
> productivity :-(.

I use Kate myself. I program predominantly for MATLAB (I say "for" because I
consider it a package rather than a programming language) at the moment and
their editor/desktop (IDE) is a bloated POS that reduces productivity in
many conceivable ways.

Kate, which I believe is incorporated as a pane in KDevelop (Kate contains
KWrite as well), is excellent in many ways. Split views, colour highlighting
for so many P/L's (even _maps_ for particular computer games), and so much
more. I even use it for LaTeX whenever I cannot use LyX (e.g. then
strictly-imposed templates are provided). How can anyone opt for something
else? When I see the native Windows editors that others are using, I am at
times appalled. Without the GPL, these go nowhere in terms of attaining a
full rainbow of features and desktop integration (KDE does that well).

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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