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Re: Why are Palm fonts so ugly?

__/ [ Daniel James ] on Saturday 29 April 2006 10:04 \__

> __/ [ Guy Bannis ] on Saturday 29 April 2006 02:06 \__
> > In article <2309043.YoSYU6PbIJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> >  Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > 
> >> What bothers me the most is the relatively large font size in basic,
> >> built-in Palm PIM. I don't find font size to be a valid reason for
> >> purchasing an alternative such as Agendus, only so that the resolution
> >> of
> >> the screen is better exploited. I hope the upcoming Linux-based O/S
> >> compensates and resolves such deficiencies which cling to past habits
> >> and
> >> slow development/rigour. Backward compatibility is not an obstacle here.
> > 
> > There are those among us with aging eyes who find the basic font size
> > ... too small.
> > 
> > To each his own ... I vote for the ability to specify the size of the
> > default font ...
> There are those among us with aging eyes who find the largest available
> font size too small to read without glasses.
> A font size that I could read without my reading glasses would be too large
> for normal use -- though it would be nice to be able to zoom the display to
> such a size (using a physical button, or some other control that I could
> use without putting on my glasses).
> When I have my glasses on I find that the default font is too *large*, and
> that I'd rather have more text visible than an easier-to-read font.
> My vote would be for a zoom control ... though being able to select a
> default font would be sensible too.

I didn't intend to sound narrow-minded. To increase font size in basic PIM
(all of the constituent part, I presume), one can tap the menu, go to
Options -> Font.. -> then increase it as desired. There are 4 fonts
available in 'out of the box' Palm OS 4.

In Docs2Go, on the other hand, there also exists an option for taking full
advantage of the screen resolution. The fonts may be tiny, but it can
sometimes be perceived as a beneficial thing, as long as the option does
exist. Palm OS does not cater for this. I explored in the past, but I was
always unsuccessful. I wish I could see my daily diary in its entirety
rather than be forced to scroll up and down or use notes to complement
one-line entries.

With kind regards,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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