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Re: live CD

__/ [ sav ] on Sunday 30 April 2006 03:53 \__

> Jim said the following on 30/04/2006 02:53 am:
>> sav wrote:
>>> Hi, I am looking for a PPC live cd (for iMac 17" g4 1Ghz) that will let
>>> me save settings etc to a USB drive.
>>> Thanks for any info you have.
>>> Andy
>> do a google search for Knoppix PPC. I have the ISO, unfortunately I
>> don't have a link handy.
> All I have found is this;
> ftp://ftp.free.fr/mirrors/knoppix-mib.org
> and similar. The only ppc ones are betas from years ago, and
> 'beta-pre-12" and similar numbers. they are about 173376 KB which is
> substantially smaller than the x86 versions, there is one from 2003 at
> 637500 KB but that is an alpha?
> So far I haven't had much luck even with 'stable' releases, so I'm a bit
> loath to go for this unless someone else has used it and had success! I
> found instructions to enable and use a usb-drive in knoppix so that's a
> start.
> Is the ISO you have more recent than this (i.e. it's worth searching
> more--what is it called?), or if it isn't, can you tell me a bit about
> it? Like, is it a good alpha/beta or a bad one? What size? I just want
> to make sure I get something useful.
> thanks
> Andy

Try Ubuntu for PPC. There is an installation CD, but I am not too sure about
a live one. The Ubuntu packs often come with a pair of CD's (Live and
Installation) and I suspect PPC will be no exception. It exists and I heard
it would work very gracefully. That only goes back several months back...

Hope it helps,


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