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Re: AV firms rubbish MS Vista security claims

On Sat, 29 Apr 2006 04:55:27 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> It's easy to flaunt security when a product is not yet released. It has been
> noted several times before that Vista will have little effect on security.
> 60% of its messy code still needs to be rewritten in order to be properly
> tested. Many vulnerabilities that are discovered in Windows XP and Internet
> Explorer 6 affect their successors as well. Since Vista has not hit the
> shelves yet, at times you will not even be told about this. The
> vulnerabilities can be fixed (swept under the cappet) without anyone's
> observation.

While it's true that vulnerabilities will still be found.  The question is,
will they be able to be exploited?  Windows 2003 has had many of the same
vulnerabilities as XP, but in most cases the defaul configuration of 2003
is such that the vulnerability cannot be exploited.

> With OneCare, the upcoming security service/package from Microsoft, there
> will be a subtle financial incentive for bugs and vulnerabilities. I suppose
> there will be little or no change to the state of spam and DDoS attacks,
> which affect the entire Net, as opposed to just Windows users.

Interesting that you mention that, since it's something i've been saying
about Linux for years.  There is little incentive for Red Hat or Mandriva
or Novell to make a bug free, or support free version of their OS.  They
make their money on support.  In fact, they make nearly *ALL* of their
money on support.  Making the OS bug free or easy to use would drive them
out of business.

But I don't see you commenting about THAT conflict of interest.

Onecare sucks anyways, and I wouldn't use it.  You have to be connected to
the internet to use it, which means it's impossible to use if you're trying
to clean a system offline.

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