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Re: site:site.com vs. site:www.site.com

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> There are sometimes a few traffic 'hiccups'. They sooner or later reach
> an end for no obvious reason. 

Hi Roy. Yes I am (unfortunately) aware of normal traffic fluctuations of
sites. And I also agree that in most cases you don't know the reason. It
could also be several reasons and combinations thereof. This case was
different. In addition to the traffic drop there was also drop in the size
of Google index for the site, which is rather easy to measure using
Google's returned data.

> If this is not the case, it is perhaps time to embrace the proverbial
> statement "rivers run dry sometimes". Rather then conversing
> with oneself, why not ask Google through a reinclusion request. They may
openly state the cause for change and reverse things. You have nothing to
lose, so just make sure your appeal gets routed to a person.

It is funny you had to mention the Google reinclusion request. Have you
read the form yourself? It goes like this: " I, such and such, am guilty
of spamming your wonderful search engine. Here is exactly how I cheated
(include all the gory details here). I am now a changed man, and I
really-really wanna back." (my dramatization). The couple problems with
this form are:

#1 By filing this form you agree that you've done something wrong
#2 What if you have no clue as to what exactly happened?
#3 What if the reason for the trouble is Google themselves (examples
abound in webmasters forums), especially during their times of change

> By the way, what stands behind pages such as:
> http://www.1-script.com/mcafee+virus+scan+2006-18-map.htm

A failed attempt to create a contextual site map, that is: instead of
listing pages alphabetically or by creation date I tried to lump them
together by the topic. Google does not like these because of inevitable
keyword stuffing, but I don't really care because I hardly ever do
anything on my own site anymore, mostly experiments. The site in question
was a different one.

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