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Re: [News] Innovative Multimedia Technology in Linux

On Friday 28 April 2006 11:06 Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> I believe that Vista will feature a network projector capability. It's one
> of its few 'selling points' (as arcane as its use may be), which
> Funkenbusch once argued Linux does not have. Apart from gaming, it is
> difficult to find areas where Linux is deficient in comparison to
> counterparts and _even that_ is the result of narrow-minded or arrogant
> games vendors. In many areas (supercomputing, distributability,
> transparency, stability, etc.), as a matter of fact, Linux is well ahead
> of its competition.

Just a minute -

I could have sworn that somewhere I read that the "Enhanced" Home version of
Vista is going to bring them an extra 1.5B dollars a year.  As I recall,
this (over the standard home version) offers The Full Monti graphics
(transparency) AND the ability to write DVDs.....
... so I guess Linux has a lot of catching up to do, uh?:-)

Newsflash! - found it!:-


Ballmer last year promised Wall Street that Microsoft would charge a premium
to use certain versions of Windows Vista. While Microsoft has not yet
announced Windows Vista pricing, Goldman Sachs analyst Rick Sherlund has
estimated Microsoft could claw in an additional $1.5bn a year by charging
for "premium" editions.

Specifically, Sherlund believes 75 per cent of home uses will adopt Windows
Visa Home Premium instead of Windows Vista Home Basic, because of the new
Aero interface, and ability to burn DVDs - features that are lacking in the
weaker edition.

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