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Re: Um...what's inkscape?

  • Subject: Re: Um...what's inkscape?
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 14:25:44 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.graphics.apps.gimp
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [ Michael Soibelman ] on Wednesday 26 April 2006 19:12 \__

> Michael Soibelman wrote:
>> Michael Soibelman wrote:
>>> Animesh K wrote:
>>>> Michael Soibelman wrote:
>>>>> Animesh K wrote:
>>>>>>>Let's not forget Xara Xtreme, which has recently gone GPL. It is a
>>>>>>>vector graphics editor, which is highly flexible.
>>>>>>Could you please confirm how to use Xara Xtreme in windows? Their
>>>>>>webpage says I have to buy it, but from where! And can I install this
>>>>>>program into cygwin installation in windows?

I was under the impression that Xara Xtreme is now free.




>>>>>>Best regards,

You too.

>>>>> Why bother with Cygwin as this seems to run natively in Windows ??
>>>>> You can download the trial version and give it a try, then buy it if
>>>>> you like it.
>>>>> get it here:
>>>>> http://www.xara.com/products/xtreme/buy.asp
>>>>> Now, if I could do a simple google search why can't you ??
>>>>> You Windows users are just so.......lazy !!

Stereotype. I have seen people wasting many hours if not entire days
cleansing their computers from wares and infections. Noone is too lazy to
reboot when necessary, as well.

>>>> Yeah you can rant; I went to their website and looked in FAQ etc for
>>>> buying XARA. Didn't get any proper link there. I didn't google however.
>>> Oh, I don't Google....he said.  Well, that's why I gave you the fucking
>>> link
>>> directly to the page where you can buy it.  But I guess you are indeed
>>> too
>>> damn lazy.  So here's another link you can click on.  You'll have to sign
>>> up to buy it on line.  If you can't figure this out......give up !!
>>> P.S.  I don't like to insult people but when they are just so fucking
>>> lazy that they expect others to do the work for them they really don't
>>> earn much
>>> respect.  I'm not ranting, just tired of all you Windows users who expect
>>> everything to be one click away.   Get real !!
>> Well, actually, here's the link I forgot to include.
>> http://www.club.xara.com/xaraclubhome.asp

Avoid the commercial domain. Go to the dot org, which is fairly recent and
more up-to-date.

>> This takes you directly to the page where you sign up to be a member.  You
>> need to do that before purchasing on line.  Also, on my first post there
>> is
>> a listing of resellers whom you can buy direct from.  If I make it any
>> easier than that I'll have to buy it for you and put it in your hands
>> personally.....  Just follow the links I provided.
> I took your advice and got a good nights rest.  I sincerely apologize to
> you.  I was a bit grumpy yesterday and took it out on you.  I usually am
> very patient with people. Don't know why I did that.  Again, i sincerely
> apologize.  I will be more helpful in the future.
> Have a nice day  :-)
> Michael Soibelman

I am very glad that you were experiencing and facing enough regrets to
apologise. It has been days since I last watched this thread and such
outbursts and rants do the Open Source community no good.

> P.S.  I tried the Linux version of Xara Extreme yesterday.  For what it's
> worth I would save myself the money and try inkscape.  Here's a link to the
> Windows version:

Inkscape is neat!

Best wishes,


foo bar
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